The Future of the Arabic Language

The Future of the Arabic Script

The Natural Reverse of Knowledge

This project arises from an attempt to raise awareness of the paradoxical relationship between digitization and knowledge.


Calligraphy, in essence, means the art of writing beautifully. The Arabic script’s calligraphic heritage, alongside the Arabic language’s oral origins,…

Co-working on Co-working

Co-working on Co-working is a text written within the framework of Notes on Collaboration (2021), a project and a publication,…

Towards Huroof Central

This project encapsulates an attempt to shift the current curricular focus in academia away from the global north, and more…


This project targets people with vision impairment within the Egyptian community who face obstacles due to inaccessibility in their daily…

Art in a Time of Conflict

Two-day virtual workshop by Assil Diab (Sudanese graffiti artist, graphic designer, and visual artist) in Room 213

Mixtopian Letters: The Future of Arabic Letterforms

Two-day in-person workshop by Shima Aeinehdar (Iranian graphic designer, illustrator, and lettering artist) in Room 284

Typofiction: Typography as a constituent in world-building practices

Two-day in-person Masterclass by Farah Fayyad (graphic designer & printmaker) & Mohammed Gaber (type designer & artist) in Room 241

New Potentials in Arabic Typography

Two-day in-person workshop by Sarah Shebl (Cairo-based independent designer & researcher) in Room 215

Relearning Imagination: the unimagined future of Arabic script with Artificial Intelligence

Performance & Talk by Arshia Sobhan in the Atrium

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