Al Madda

Al Madda is a bilingual (Arabic-English) biodegradable materials library in the form of an App and Website that currently features…


In this universe, everything is connected from the smallest sand particle to humans, big trees, and animals. As a Macro…

Integrative Design Studio

The studio’s aim is to introduce the student to a version of Integrative Thinking/Design, where a challenge or identified problem…

I love hummus

« I love hummus » is an (AR) Augmented Reality app made using the ceiling of my studio, 2.5 Dimensions…

Fragments of an Alternative Future

The evolution of typography has primarily been driven by technological innovation designed to meet new use-case scenarios. The 20th century…


Ittr: an Arabic word that means perfume or essence. Replicating old designs into new ones marks the evolution of product…


In Recreating the Past, we study computational art from the past decades and co-create our own computational art histories through…


An educational game enhancing political awareness and youth engagement. This game represents the country on a macro scale, reflecting how…

Night Walks

My animation is entitled “Night Walks.” It relates to the 4th Axis the most. In our broken society where the…

Omar Kholeif – The Shape of the Future

Streamed Keynote by Omar Kholeif (author, curator, cultural historian, and broadcaster) to a live audience in the Atrium

Alphabet Soup: A Materials Workshop – from DIY to PLA to PHB

Two-day in-person workshop by Richard Lombard (Materials Specialist, Matter of Importance) in Room 101c

Street Art Style Print Installation

Join Charlotte Rodenberg's PAPR Sophmore students as they create a Street Art Style Print Installation in the Orange Hall, in booth 1. During this Happening, attendees will be invited to assist in printing, cutting, and collaging the work for the installation. No registration is required.


As a part of TypeAraby Lab, we invite you to our radical screen-printing session in Saffron Hall. In this session,…

A Second Life for Plastic

Two-day virtual workshop by Thomas Egoumenides (French architect and designer based in Tunisia) in Room 213

The Anti Fit Design

Two-day in-person workshop by Ali Khan (Doha-based Luxury and Fashion Consultant, Associate Professor of Fashion at VCUarts Qatar) in Room 229

Eco Friendly Etching Workshop

Two-day in-person workshop by Charlotte Rodenberg (Print Media Faculty at VCUarts Qatar) in Room 277 & 268

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