Ingrid LaFleur is a globally recognized curator, artist, pleasure activist and Afrofuturist committed to exploring and implementing forward-thinking solutions across multidisciplinary industries including but not limited to art, technology, education, social enterprise, and finance. For over twenty years, LaFleur has participated in and witness the growth of the cultural movement Afrofuturism.

Author of the upcoming book, ‘How to Think Like An Afrofuturist’, LaFleur regularly consults individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and social justice organizations on how to forecast and transform their practices to help manifest their future goals.

She boasts an extensive list of speaking engagements nationally and internationally including presentations and workshops at Centre Pompidou (Paris), TEDxBrooklyn, New Museum (New York), Harvard University, and Oxford University. In 2020, she founded The Afrofuture Strategies Institute (TASI), to research the future impact of emerging technology on Black bodies and to co-create alternative destinies using ethical imagination.

Contribution to Tasmeem 

The 4 Axes

The Department of Disinformation

False Truths, Historiography & Revisionism

The Institute of Speculation

Future Fictions, Dystopian Worlds & Imagined Artifacts

The Ministry of Matters

Materiality, Processes & Environmental Resources



of the
Environment, of
Materials, of
Design, of
Knowledge, of
Curation, of
Technology, of
Language, of
Reality, of
Energy, of