Salma Serry is a food researcher, writer and filmmaker. She is the founder of @Sufra_Kitchen, a social media platform that re-approaches food history and culture of the region. In 2020, while pursuing her graduate studies in Gastronomy at Boston University, she launched an independent project that has collected, archived and now houses over 400 historical regional cookbooks and culinary ephemera, which help inform her research practice. Her approach centers on contextualizing and analyzing history, archives and memory to highlight forgotten, contested, or marginalized narratives that tend to disappear against hegemonizing national cuisines and identity politics. The result of her work is often an investigation – habitually in writing and occasionally in a film format- of the entanglement of food in class, migration, and culture as it occurs/ed in Egypt and the Arab Gulf.

Her latest writings were published in Arab Literature Quarterly, CNT Traveller and You Are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography.  She also enjoys designing and conducting workshops that invite reflections and dialogue around the aforementioned topics, as recently commissioned by Art Jameel and Al Serkal Avenue. She was recently awarded the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)’s grant for her ongoing project that documents 100 years of culinary ephemera from SWANA’s archives and was also the recipient of the Julia Childs Student Writing Award for her scholarly research paper “Abdul Nasser’s Politicization of Food in Hadaya Hawaa.”

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