Assil Diab

Contributor / Workshop Leader

Born in Romania, Assil Diab is a well-known Sudanese graffiti artist, graphic designer, and visual artist. Known as “Sudalove”, she is the first female graffiti artist emerging from Sudan and Qatar dubbed by She Leads Africa in 2016. Assil graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in 2011 in Richmond, Virginia / USA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphics Design. In 2021 she received the 10 Under 10 Award and was recognized as being one of VCU’s top 10 graduates of the last decade for her noteworthy achievements in her career and the community. Ever since she graduated she has worked as a freelance graphic designer and graffiti artist, designing logos and branding for companies as well as being commissioned to paint the walls of restaurants, cafes, shops, and businesses. In 2020 she won a dissemination award from UNESCO for a self-initiated street art campaign she did on the coronavirus in Sudan. She has also been an honorary cultural Ambassador to Qatar Museums since 2018 till the present day.

In addition to spray paintings on the walls of Sudan and Qatar, Assil’s artwork has also been exhibited in Bahrain, Germany, Bangladesh, and the USA. Her work has also been published in books, including Artisans of the Middle East and “Dreesha”. She’s been featured on various news shows, programs, and publications including BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Associated Press, The Mantle, Voice of America, BuzzFeed, The New Arab, De Volkskrant (Netherlands), Deutsche Welle TV (Germany), Agency Agi (Agenzia Giornalistica Italia), She Leads Africa, Asia Times, Omvarlden (Sweden), Radio Monte Carlo, and more. One of Assil’s most acclaimed works is her recent project, “Martyrs Graffiti”, where she traveled to Sudan during the Sudanese revolution, which began in December 2018, to paint murals of the martyrs who were killed by government forces. She painted at least 30 martyrs on the walls of their respective homes to honor and pay tribute to their martyrdom.

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