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Mobius Studio is a Dubai-based design- and research practice founded in 2010. The studio aims to enrich the design discourse and research in the UAE and the SWANA region. Under the studio’s umbrella, numerous graphic design symposia were curated, including Weltformat DXB (2019) and Change, Coordinates + Someone Else (2018). The scope of the studio’s curatorial activities includes public programs to engage with the general public and community members by carving space for talks, workshops, or social feasts and the production of comprehensive self-published books in conjunction with curated exhibitions that archive all events and activities and allow for a long-term impact and contribution to the critical discourse with observational, theoretical and analytical infusions.

Most recently, Mobius initiated The Looming Council, a bilingual community-based, public-driven digital portal and a long-term research initiative that aims to amplify educators’ responsibility and opportunity to play a vital role in reclaiming historical and cultural roots in MENASA by teaching more local/regional history(ies), shifting its fixation away from the global north and embracing marginalized identities. On a more commercial front, Mobius has a long list of clients including but not limited to, local and regional start-up businesses, cultural and art institutions, governmental entities, as well as independent artists and scholars.

Hala Al-Ani [b. Iraq, 1986]
Al-Ani received her BSc in Visual Communication from AUS, going on to postgraduate studies in Graphic Design and Iconic Research from University of Illinois at Chicago and the Basel School of Design. She is the co-founder of Möbius Design Studio and in Dubai is currently Assistant Professor in Visual Communication at the American University of Sharjah.

Riem Ibrahim [b. Egypt, 1987]
Ibrahim is currently Assistant Professor of Visual Communication at the American University of Sharjah and co-founder of Dubai-based Mobius Studio. Ibrahim obtained a BSc in Multimedia Design from American University of Sharjah, an MFA in Graphic Design and a Master of Arts in Iconic Research from University of Illinois Chicago and Basel School of Design respectively.

Hadeyeh Badri [b. United Arab Emirates, 1988]
Hadeyeh Badri currently teaches at College of Art, Architecture and Design at American University of Sharjah. In 2010, Badri co-founded Dubai-based Mobius Design Studio utilizing design as a tool to instigate social change. Badri obtained an MFA in Studio (concentration in Fiber and Material Studies) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019.

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