Paolo Cardini

Contributor / Masterclass Leader / Speaker

Paolo Cardini is a designer, educator, and researcher. He is a Full Professor in industrial design at Rhode Island School of Design and former graduate program director. His previous appointment was within the MFA in Design Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar and in his early career covered the role of chair for the bachelor and master degrees in Product Design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin. He studied Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano and Glasgow School of Art and collaborated in research with various international universities. Professor Cardini‘s work ranges from product to design strategies with a particular interest in discursive and speculative practices. His research mostly focuses on the interaction between artifacts, identities, and globalization. He designs and consults for various international firms and he lectures in conferences and design schools worldwide contributing actively to the field with papers and publications.

Contribution to Tasmeem 

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