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D.epicentre (Probal Banerjee & Sudebi Thakurata) uses design, complex systems thinking, narratives, culture, and pedagogy to facilitate regenerative, emergent, inclusive & transformative possibilities.

Probal Banerjee
Probal is the Co-founder and CEO of the trans-disciplinary design-led collective, D.epicentre. He works on the interfaces of business, entrepreneurship, learning, design, innovation, and storytelling. With leadership experience strengthening his ability to manage cross-cultural & cross-functional virtual teams in complex matrix organizations, he has a passion for driving content & culture-driven organizations beyond corporate-based setups. He has been able to design effective, improved products/services and solutions, serve customers and build successful teams/coalitions through processes of design-led innovation, Lean Six Sigma, learning theories, and business storytelling.

Previously, Probal was a program manager, business transformation, sales, customer experience, and client engagement lead with over 20 years of experience. In different leadership roles he has managed diverse global programs in 7 countries, scaling up to US$ 15mm, working with Fortune50 MNCs such as Amazon.com and FTSE10 banks such as the Lloyds Banking Group. His experience ranges from start-ups, process consulting & analytics, offshoring/shared services, aviation, social and cultural enterprises to academia.

Probal is an engineer, an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and BITS Pilani, as also an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. His multifaceted experience includes: Executive coaching, mentoring and enabling ideation, collaboration, adaptation, and transformation, Facilitating co-creation amongst diverse stakeholders and using resulting synergies to design solutions, Communicating through strategic narratives,  Designing organizational monitoring and evaluation systems, Delivering high-level operational initiatives including problem framing, problem-solving and deal structuring, Building, engaging and energizing large teams, Winning new business, setting up global programs and delivery sites, Global service delivery & excellence, strategic project and change management, Ownership & delivery of organizational P&L goals.

Sudebi Thakurata
Sudebi is a creative facilitator, trans-disciplinary narrative designer, educator, writer, researcher, futurist, thinker, conversationalist, and singer. She designs experiences, engagement, and environment using multiple modalities and media that allow people to think and have dialogue, makes their thinking and interaction visible, and thus enable them to co-design their own solutions and narratives using different modes and forms. She brings in inquiry-driven, pluriversal, context-based design and trans-disciplinarity into her work. Sudebi emphasizes socially, environmentally, and culturally relevant issues while inter-weaving design thinking, imagination, complex systems thinking, pedagogy, crafts, entrepreneurialism, visual and performing arts, oral history, ethnography, and research to co-create inclusive and regenerative possibilities.

Sudebi has co-founded the trans-disciplinary global design collective, D.epicentre. A faculty member at Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, India since 2010, Sudebi has started a unique pedagogy, art, and design-led trans-local initiative “The Archival City- a Site of Learning’. She was the Creative Facilitator of SEAΔ, a trans-national cross-cultural leadership program, across S-E Asia and the UK, the lead designer and co-author of a ‘Fair Collaborations Toolkit in Cultural Relations’ for the EUNIC, a global UNLEASH talent, guest faculty or collaborator in many global institutions and a mentor of many global innovation programs. She is awarded the Innovator for ITAC Innovation Think Tank 2021. During the times of the pandemic, she started a remote global initiative deeply rooted in the power of stories, inter-cultural creative collaborations, orality, inquiries, lived narratives, and experiential perspectives framed through creative reflective, reflexive and dialogic formats, in order to co-explore resilience, called the Musical Manifesto Project.

Instagram: @depicentre
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/depicentre/

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