Sarah Smith

Contributor / Workshop Leader

Sarah Phyllis Smith is a photographer and educator based in Utica, NY where she is Assistant Professor of Photography at PrattMWP. Recent notable solo exhibitions include Respite at Whitespec in Atlanta, Georgia, and ‘Where the Great Lakes Leap to the Sea’ at The Shed Space in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has also been shown at Perspectives Gallery at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Ground Floor Gallery (Nashville), Whitespace Gallery (Atlanta), Roman Susan Gallery (Chicago), Wedge Projects (Chicago), and Space 204 at Vanderbilt University (Nashville). Her work has been featured by several online and print publications including Musée Magazine, Silver Eye Center for Photography, From Here On Out, Don’t Take Pictures Magazine, Lenscratch, Light Leaked, Vulgaris Magazine, and Incandescent Magazine. Sarah is also the curator of Study Hall, a pedagogical project and contemporary photography gallery at PrattMWP of which she recently presented at the national conference for the Society for Photographic Education.

Contribution to Tasmeem 

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