Cats_etcetera is an online platform that brings the art and design community together to help raise awareness about stray animals, especially cats in Qatar. Cats_etcetera is a volunteer group, aiming to serve the community and the well-fare of the stray animal community. If you are interested in improving the Doha community toward achieving a sustainable co-existence with the local animal population we could use your help!

  • Please bring cash.
  • No Registration is required.

The 4 Axes

The Department of Disinformation

False Truths, Historiography & Revisionism

The Institute of Speculation

Future Fictions, Dystopian Worlds & Imagined Artifacts

The Ministry of Matters

Materiality, Processes & Environmental Resources



of the
Environment, of
Materials, of
Design, of
Knowledge, of
Curation, of
Technology, of
Language, of
Reality, of
Energy, of