Two-day virtual workshop by Assil Diab (Sudanese graffiti artist, graphic designer, and visual artist)

  • 9th March & 10th March 2022, 9 AM – 12 PM
  • Room 213
  • Upon Registration Only

An online graffiti lesson, a vestural street art tour, a hands-on graffiti, and how to use street art/art in general, in a time of conflict. This is a masterclass with a renowned street artist. The team joins zoom calls on both days. The first day is an introduction to street art, its history, the artist & artist’s story. Everyone gets to develop their own tags. On the second day, we develop more tags and ideas to be used in a time of conflict and showcase these ideas together. This is followed by a Q & A and a general talk on art.

Participants are required to bring marker paper, pencils, erasers, sketching pens, and markers (such as Liquitex, Prismacolor, or similar).

This event is an in-person event for the VCUarts Qatar community only that will be streamed live. Members of the public are welcome to ask questions in a moderated chat, at the end of each session. Please use the registration button to register and receive a link to your chosen event.

The 4 Axes

The Department of Disinformation

False Truths, Historiography & Revisionism

The Institute of Speculation

Future Fictions, Dystopian Worlds & Imagined Artifacts

The Ministry of Matters

Materiality, Processes & Environmental Resources



of the
Environment, of
Materials, of
Design, of
Knowledge, of
Curation, of
Technology, of
Language, of
Reality, of
Energy, of