Schedule / 8 March 2022

A DIY of a Dream 101 (2019)

Film → 9:30 am

  • Director: Qamar Abdulmalik
  • Duration: 6′

The artist recalls personal experiences that occurred at the Egyptian Embassy, at Counter #6, the division that handles Palestinian refugees who carry Egyptian travel documents. The artist sets a mood of dream and hope played in irony portraying the endless dilemma of those who struggle with identity and citizenship.

This film is screened as part of the Gulf Metaverse 2.0 program curated by Róisín Tapponi (Assyrian Iraqi-Irish film curator, programmer, writer, and academic)

The screening is taking place in the Atrium on 8th March 2022 at 9:30 AM for the VCUarts Qatar community only. Please use the registration button to register.

Furthermore, this film is streamed via

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