Schedule / 9 March 2022

Feminist Futures: Let’s edit-a-thon!

Workshop → 9:00 am

Two-day in-person workshop co-led by Monica Merlin (Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art and Performance at VCUarts Qatar) and Tracy Stonestreet (Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art and Performance at VCUarts Qatar)

  • 9th March & 10th March 2022, 9 AM – 12 PM
  • Room 216
  • Upon Registration Only

According to the Wikimedia Foundation, less than 10% of global contributors to Wikipedia identify as female, and 17% of all biographies on the site are of women (Tripodi, 2021). As art historians, we understand the power of presence and representation to reinforce systems of domination and oppression. The canon of art history remains largely ruled by white men. During this two-day workshop, we will lead a discussion on the importance of language, framing, and historical representation in contemporary and future feminisms, as well as teach techniques of editing and writing inclusively. This discussion will be followed by a session in which participants are divided into small groups to edit and create Wikipedia pages of women artists/designers/theorists from a diversity of geographies, using the structure of Edit-a-thon developed by the international group Art+Feminism.

With guest speakers Elena Pavan and Nicole Abiad.

Participants are required to bring their laptops.

This event is an in-person event for the VCUarts Qatar community only. Please use the registration button to register.

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