Schedule / 10 March 2022

Omar Kholeif – The Shape of the Future

Keynote → 5:30 pm

The Shape of the Future: Living Media Before and After the Rise of NTFs

  • 10th March 2022, 5:30 PM
  • Atrium
  • Upon Registration Only (Limited seats available)

How do we historicise or begin to reflect on a present that is so free-wheeling that it is rife with constant speculation and anxiety? One minute we are in fear of Artificial Intelligence, but in an instant, we are interminably interlinked with them, without realising. Human lives are now fashioned and intertwined into a form of living media. Enter the metaverse—a schematic field laid out decades ago—a paradigm of and for augmenting reality that is accelerating once again. An NFT you say. You want one; the best one; gotta catch ‘em all. A currency that is not your own. A banking system built without plastic or paper; silver or gold. Is it real or is this a game of monopoly? In this closing keynote, Dr. Omar Kholeif, one of the leading experts on digital visual culture, presents a reflective survey of our present, exploring the illusory forms and aesthetics that define it.

Omar Kholeif will be giving this keynote virtually to a live audience. Seats are limited and are only open to VCUarts Qatar or Education city students, faculty, or alumni. In-person attendees must follow VCUarts Qatar guidelines related to COVID-19.

This event will be streamed live. Members of the public are welcome to ask questions in a moderated chat, at the end of each session. Please use the registration button to register and receive a link to your chosen event.

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