Breeding the Super Generation

Radical Project by Lana Kurdi

A speculative design project demonstrating the possible futures of gene manipulation. It aims to ignite a global conversation around the possibilities and ethical dilemmas of gene-modification not only in the surrounding life but also in our own species. Today, we can dream big and breed the healthiest children, smartest students, or strongest soldiers. But are we ready to tinker with our genes? What are the consequences of using such technology in society? This is why; in order to avoid harm or social injustice, humans need to join their efforts in discussing this topic critically with an open mind. Through a fictional gene editing lab setting, the project sheds light on some of the ethical dilemmas humanity might face in the near future. The project draws from scientific studies and ethics to explore the biological, and social repercussions of technological advancements in the field using the medium of projection mapping.

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