Integrative Design Studio

Radical Project by Hawa Stwodah, India Cloe

The studio’s aim is to introduce the student to a version of Integrative Thinking/Design, where a challenge or identified problem is broken down into key elements and rebuilt into a novel option. Settling and compromise are not the focus, rather the student investigates different ideas and examines the problems they are trying to solve, the end goal is: new thinking and innovation. Exploring, remixing, and testing new methods of working encourages the student to have the confidence to take risks and think expansively to yield complex outcomes.

Throughout the course the student will discuss ideas of identity and the fluidity surrounding the evolution of self, suspending reality, the fusion of digital space and apparel design, and speculation of future scenarios and environments. Topics central to the course are: science fiction, nostalgia, maximalism, religious dogma, ethical and eco-conscious production and consumption, nature, iconography, and toys.

In Spring 2022, India Cloe will develop and curate a series of garments and support items (accessories, spaces/environments, and short films) framed under the title “Sacred 7”. She will address the notion of the physical self versus the projected/alternative self.

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