Radical Project by Milad Forouzandeh

This project as a kind of foresight and collective review intends to attend to gene promotion in various biological species. Having been investigating Axolotl genome that has the capability of restoring the damaged parts of body, the scientists have carried out successful experiments to regenerate organ tissues of human, animal and plant species making use of Cell engineering. Looking backward, classical artists used to register a kind of perspective filled with plants, human and animal species. Examining the plants in their works and relying on our familiarity with the surrounding world, we could immediately accept these species as quite tangible objects. Yet, there has been a contentious issue as to how we could demonstrate and record the distinction between the performance of such species with distinguished new traits in contrast with those of past. In a different era of Persian literature, we have witnessed the vast use of cedar trees, directly or indirectly. The image of the tree has also been used in miniature and the stories of a different era in Iran. We could imagine to have another version of this tree with the same old appearance but with an upgraded gene and new capabilities. How would it be possible to investigate and record its image? This is actually an example of the visual evidence of ancient Iranian culture. By discussing and investigating such topics in other cultures by posing the question as to whether in a future filled with the creation of the new mutated phenomenon, we will encounter a huge alteration of definitions in areas such as literature and visual culture, I would intend to investigate and finally predict different subjects which are key elements in both literary and visual cultures of the other countries. This would be a kind of preparation and endeavor to create a platform for describing and portraying new species with mutated genes. In this project, I try to create an ecosystem in a virtual world as well as a real-world, including trans-Humans, plants, and animals with upgraded genome and new abilities which is a platform to review and research on these imaginary creatures with the genetic mutation. This project intends to answer whether they could affect the meaning of our literature, Poetry, and Stories in the future.

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