Radical Project by Joe Bou Abboud & Amanda Aoun

Ittr: an Arabic word that means perfume or essence.

Replicating old designs into new ones marks the evolution of product functionality. Admiring the authenticity of an iconic piece and embracing how it could evolve towards a product that suits our time, raised a question on our current interaction with daily items that have a direct impact on our lives and way of living.

This led the designer to choose the flower vase and to mold it in a way that awakes the senses, with the floral aromatic scents as the focal point of his project and how the interaction throughout that natural experience differs from one design to another.

Ittr vase consists of two parts illustrating different times, one that is natural with a basic design and the second artificial relying on an industrial technique that suits modern designs, both carved with a diversity of materials generating scents and embracing the aromatic history of flowers.

The installation is nothing less than a tunnel that links the outside representing old vases to the inside where a newly shaped design reflects the product’s recent functionality.

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