Tasmeem Doha is an international, biennial art and design conference hosted and organized by VCUarts Qatar since 2004. Each edition of Tasmeem Doha highlights a unique and contemporary theme within art and design, exploring novel concepts, methods, and applications, and engaging in critical discussions. The event is open to the public, with attendees and participants consisting of international designers, artists, academics, students, industry professionals, and the local community.

The 2022 conference Radical Futures addresses the role of design in shaping the future. Tasmeem Doha 2022: Radical Futures is an inclusive and multi-faceted view of the future, one that not only speculates on technological advancements—but on future threats and changes whether environmental, geographical, cultural, or social. Now more than ever, we must ask pertinent questions, raise critical dialogues, and respond with clarity.


Gulf Metaverse 2.0 Film Festival Opening with Róisín Tapponi

7 March 2022

Talk → 3:15 pm

The Gulf Metaverse 2.0 Film Festival will be introduced by curator Róisín Tapponi in the Atrium at 3:15 pm (7 March 2022).

The Department of Disinformation Curatorial Activism Equity & Inclusion Orientalist Fantasies Post-colonialism

Forensic Architecture

7 March 2022

Keynote → 5:30 pm

Keynote by Eyal Weizman (Forensic Architecture) in the Atrium

The Institute of Speculation The Department of Disinformation Equity & Inclusion Post-colonialism Speculative Sciences The State of Change Technologies Algorithmic Potentials

Planet City and the Return of Global Wilderness

9 March 2022

Talk → 2:00 pm

Talk by Liam Young (designer, director, and BAFTA-nominated producer) in the Atrium

Indigenous Knowledge Design Fiction Earthly Survival The Department of Disinformation The Institute of Speculation

Futurisms: A Discussion with Ingrid LaFleur

8 March 2022

Panel Discussion → 5:30 pm

Panel discussion between Alisha B. Wormsley, Jasmine Murrell, Saba Taj, and Saks Afridi led by curator Ingrid LaFleur in the Atrium (virtual + in-person options available)

Speculative Sciences Curatorial Activism Revisionism Imagined Artifacts The Institute of Speculation Design Fiction Equity & Inclusion

The 4 Axes

The four axes are the foundational themes of Tasmeem Doha
2022: Radical Futures. The names of the four axes are inspired by human-constructed entities such as governments, nations, and ministries. We combine these dogmatic or established labels with playful and unusual concepts to create unexpected combinations. This play on words serves as a metaphor for bridging our past with our future. They connect ideas such as the Anthropocene with the history of the nation-state—take the speculative and combine them with radical concepts.

The Department of Disinformation

False Truths, Historiography & Revisionism

The Institute of Speculation

Future Fictions, Dystopian Worlds & Imagined Artifacts

The Ministry of Matters

Materiality, Processes & Environmental Resources


Afikra X Tasmeem 2022: Radical podcast series dedicated to the future

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A Timeline of Architecture & Design in History by Mohamed Elshahed

Tasmeem 2022: Radical Futures commissioned Mohamed ElShahed to create “A Timeline of Architecture & Design in History.” This proposed…

Studio Spotlight by Studio 7 featuring Cairopolitan!

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Records of the (im)possible: A Radical Projects Exhibition

Records of the (im)possible is a curated selection of radical projects!

Rapture x Tasmeem!

We have partnered with Rapture to bring you some “intense happiness” during Tasmeem 2022! Rapture was established in 2018;…


Tasmeem Doha 2022: Radical Futures will bring together a range of radical thinkers and makers from across the globe. We welcome you to learn more about each of these incredible artists, panelists, designers, filmmakers, speakers, and workshop leaders.

Julia Watson
Dr. Omar Kholeif
Parsons & Charlesworth
Mobius Design Studio
Territorial Agency
Ingrid LaFleur
Design Earth
Islam Shabana
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