Indigenous Knowledge

The Geomorphosis Cycle: A Paradise With Walls of Nothingness

Performance & Talk by Islam Shabana in the Atrium

Palestinian Prints

Design your own Palestinian embroidery patterns using the woodblock printing technique with Naima Almajdobah and Pornprapha Phatanateacha. This happening takes place in the Saffron Hall on Tuesday, 8th March at 9 AM. Please bring your own blank tote bag or t-shirt. No registration is required.

The Future of Education

Under the Marvelous Circuit Tree

Two-day in-person Masterclass by Islam Shabana (interdisciplinary artist and a digital media designer) in Room 281

Al Madda

Al Madda is a bilingual (Arabic-English) biodegradable materials library in the form of an App and Website that currently features…

Folk Songs Archive

A visual interactive archive that aims to document Egyptian folk songs due to a major lack in archiving the folkloric…

Designing from Within

Talk by Paolo Cardini (Professor in industrial design, Rhode Island School of Design) in the Atrium

A Timeline of Architecture & Design in History

Streamed talk by Mohamed Elshahed (curator, architectural historian, and critic) to a live audience in the Atrium

Alphabet Soup: A Materials Workshop – from DIY to PLA to PHB

Two-day in-person workshop by Richard Lombard (Materials Specialist, Matter of Importance) in Room 101c

Feminist Futures: Let’s edit-a-thon!

Two-day in-person workshop by Monica Merlin (Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art and Performance at VCUarts Qatar) and Tracy Stonestreet (Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art and Performance at VCUarts Qatar) in Room 216

Mixtopian Letters: The Future of Arabic Letterforms

Two-day in-person workshop by Shima Aeinehdar (Iranian graphic designer, illustrator, and lettering artist) in Room 284

Planet City and the Return of Global Wilderness

Talk by Liam Young (designer, director, and BAFTA-nominated producer) in the Atrium

Radical Futures of Materials

Streamed talk by Julia Watson (designer, activist, academic, and author) to a live audience in the Atrium

Recreating the Past

Two-day hybrid workshop by Zach Lieberman (MIT Media Lab, Future Sketches Group), Murilo Polese (Brazilian Creative Technologist), Edgardo Avilés-López (Mexican engineer, researcher, and artist), and Hind Al Saad (Qatari designer, maker, and creative coder) in Room 214

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