Farah Fayyad

Contributor / Masterclass Leader

Farah Fayyad is a graphic designer and printmaker from Beirut, Lebanon. A highly print-oriented designer, most of Fayyad’s work has focused on Arabic lettering/typography and bilingual publication and exhibition design. Between 2012-2016, she was part of Studio Safar, one of Beirut’s leading design studios, developing projects primarily for the creative cultural field. Screen-printing is central to Fayyad’s practice, and she frequently leads workshops in Beirut and elsewhere to develop a community around the craft. Drawing on her apprenticeship with master calligrapher Mokhtar El-Baba, her work involves a lot of experimentation and plays with the Arabic script. Farah is currently based in Amsterdam and is pursuing her Master’s degree at the Disarming Design department at the Sandberg Instituut. Within this context, she has recently co-founded TypeLab, an open platform to research and experiment with typography, with a special focus on non-Latin scripts.

Contribution to Tasmeem 

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