Schedule / 7 March 2022

A Second Life for Plastic

Workshop → 9:00 am

Two-day virtual workshop by Thomas Egoumenides (French architect and designer based in Tunisia)

  • 7th March & 8th March 2022, 9 AM – 12 PM
  • Room 213
  • Upon Registration Only

Almost everything we use today is packaged. But could we think about a second life for those wasted plastic materials? The aim of the workshop is to play around with the transformation of non-biodegradable plastic bags and plastic bottles. How to explore those objects, which are very present in our daily lives, to divert their use? Using a simple iron, baking paper, and heat guns, we will have fun transforming those packaging into a new aestheticized material. Experimentation with materials, colors, and techniques will be at the center of this workshop.

Participants are required to bring plastic bottles, plastic bags, and wasted materials like pieces of wood, paper tubes, old t-shirts, which can be used to mold objects.

This event is an in-person event for the VCUarts Qatar community only. Please use the registration button to register.

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