Schedule / 7 March 2022

How to Start a Podcast: Finding your Voice

Workshop → 9:00 am

Two-day in-person workshop by Khaled Soltan (Radio Broadcaster & Podcaster)

  • 7th March & 8th March 2022, 9 AM – 12 PM
  • Room 282
  • Upon Registration Only 

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing mediums for content creation. Anyone can start a podcast regardless of race, gender, or identity. The best part is no major network or middleman is getting in the way. I want this workshop to empower people to find and share their voices. There’s an audience and community out there for everyone, for almost every topic. As a radio broadcaster & podcaster here in Qatar, I get approached by people asking for advice on how to start a podcast, but they always lack the technical know-how. I want to simplify things and give them the confidence to go ahead. The goal is to make it inclusive, friendly, and accessible. Having the skills to produce a podcast right from identifying the concept up to launching and promoting the podcast on all major platforms.

Participants are required to bring a notebook and pen and if they have their laptop with Adobe Audition already installed.

This event is an in-person event for the VCUarts Qatar community only. Please use the registration button to register.

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