Radical Project by Rana Abdullatif

This project targets people with vision impairment within the Egyptian community who face obstacles due to inaccessibility in their daily life activities, specifically grocery shopping. According to research, most of the surroundings are designed in a non-inclusive manner which does not accommodate for individual differences.

The aim of this project is to allow individuals to utilize their tactile senses to bridge the gap between them and their surroundings through creating accessible points within supermarkets. Tactile icons were created to represent information which would otherwise have to be seen visually. By presenting alternative representations for visual information, enable aids individuals in having a more individualistic and independent experience within an inclusive supermarket environment.

Thus, this project falls under The State of Change to present a new method of inclusion as well as a unified language which can be identified by a larger majority of individuals, regardless of their differences. It allows people to stop and think from others’ perspectives and realize that seemingly mundane daily practices are a privilege to some.

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